About Me

I'm Tom, an enthusiastic "bit of everything" coder currently living in London

I had been playing around with code for quite some time on-and-off but after taking a more formal programming course in my physics undergrad, everything clicked into place and I realised that I wanted to make a career out of it.

This led me on to studying a MSc in Machine Learning. During this I took a module on "Principles of Distributed Ledgers" where I quickly caught the Ethereum bug. Since then I've been tinkering on a few blockchain projects although that's a story for another post.

What are you going to be writing on?

This is going to be mostly focusing on techy stuff which I've done. That could take the form of writing about various machine learning or blockchain projects I'm working on. Or it could just be me messing about with "homelabby" stuff to learn DevOps-y things.

At the end of the day, anything useful/cool which I make or find will probably (hopefully) make its way here. Finally, if the mood takes me I may chuck down some wider thoughts on these topics.

Why write this?

Well to begin with... a certain amount of self-shilling is always good.

A fair amount of posts will probably be to collect together information which I find useful for future reference. This probably won't be so much full tutorials as me collecting some of the breadcrumbs info I've found in one place and squeezing them together into an appetising breadball. However, I'll be aiming to keep things accessible for an outside reader.

Other than pure technical things, I wanted a place where I could put some of the information on my projects which doesn't really fit in the README.md on Github. I'll be posting some motivations and the outcomes of my various projects so they can be seen in more context.

Finally, I find having an outlet to put down thoughts to be a useful way to reflect on issues I'm facing or progress I've made.